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Assalamualaikum dear friends how are you I hope you are all well so today I am telling you what you are going to get this month friends who will get you after passing the budget this month what






government grants will reach your hands and what will not reach your hands how your How much money will be handed over and who will get it? I will show you today with your name the money that you want to get this month. If you read it carefully then you will understand who






will get the money this month You will get the grants. The grants are given by the government. How much money will you get? How much money has been budgeted? 63 thousand crore has been budgeted. Everyone will get it. It is given to the people of low caste or to those who are financially indigent today. It is never given to the people of Satan.




Rumania submit


Because now it has been seen that those who are not financially indigent but are not getting the money. Those who are financially indigent are getting the money. If you complain about not going to the municipality, you will get the money or






you have to appeal through the upazila or you have to go to the chairman or you have to go to the member but today I will discuss with you and let you know how to get the money to apply. What do you need? Of course you don’t have a house or a house for them but in today’s post I will tell you what you need to do for now.





First of all you need your picture. You will get what your government has. You will not have any more problems, so now there are others who have taken government help before This is a new project for the leaders who are not able to help the government. This is a big





project. It will not be separated from the project. How can I tell you not to be disconnected? How can I get this post from the government for you? There are many things you will get. How to apply for cash. You are cash only if you are a





heavyweight but people cannot walk. It takes more cash that money means you can either buy a cow or a goat. With these you can use your money to make your family financially prosperous, so you will not use this money again for any





other purpose. But you get money from a government house a farm project project or your house how many farm cows are getting much more. You can thank your government for this. I also thank the government because I am for the





government and now you are for the government. You will thank the government for what the government has done for you. I can’t tell you what you will do to the government for paying a lot of money. Why don’t you do that? I can’t explain why you can’t take member






chairman. I tell you because you have a lot of things that you don’t understand. You have to explain to me every day. That’s why I have to explain to you. No one else here will be able to take your money, so this project is a big project, you will all get a house, you will get a car. No no I know you will only get a house and I





know a farm a house you will get these of course you do not have to stress where the problem will tell us how to solve the problem we will always be with you and how to get everything So I made it clear to you that I hope you don’t have to explain anymore, just like I said, you will work exactly as you said, of course you will get it, you don’t have to bring







everything, I told you to go to the upazila if necessary If you haven’t been here financially, then you will definitely apply. You will have a nightmare. If you bring it up, two more people will be financially weak. If you give it to them, they will be able to do well. They will be able to do a lot of things financially, but you are





financially well-off, everyone will take a penny, but you will not give any money to those who are financially weak, they will take the money and make some arrangements for them to move, so the people in your society basically raise a family. I can’t help for those who can give because those who are there can work for you, but why don’t you do these things? There is no socialization. Well, socialism will come. No problem. I will work exactly as I told you. I tell you, I tell





Government Helping

you because I know, I tell you, because if anyone knows, I will not tell, because they will not tell, because they will never tell. I will see you and I will come to you with a new job in a new post. We will post exactly as you said. Let us know. We will always come up with a solution to your problem. Thank you so much for being with us for so long.

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