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Mamata is giving 3000 rupees to the women’s account 2021

Assalamualaikum friends, how are you all, I hope you are all well, friends, I am giving you a government grant of Rs.

Friends, read the whole post carefully and if you have a bank account, you will get 3000 rupees. What to do if you want to take 3000 rupees.


Friends, there is a lot of fever online. Every woman can get three thousand rupees with this three thousand rupees, but if you have a woman in your house, you can take three thousand rupees from the woman’s bank account in her office with the woman’s name. Later he is giving 3000 rupees to women because Mamata says because of women today Mamata is happy for women for the second time again they are giving money


I have no hesitation in giving money to Maida women. Mamata I am giving them this three thousand rupees to make them happy and you can use this money for Eid on any basis because you are now very bad lord in the country. I want to help you financially with 3000 rupees.



Friends, maybe this financial aid could be given to you directly through the union office, post office, but I don’t want it because the money went to the people or to the leaders, the percentage is reduced here, so the leaders are not giving it directly to your bank account. You have to pay your bank account for sending. You can easily get three thousand rupees from the bank account delete option.


If you give one to one bank account from one house to two, you will not get it. You will get 3000 rupees only for one. 2 You want to give two tricks. If your account information matches, you will be canceled. Why not? So I tell you again. If you do, you will get the money from here


So friends, the whole post, I have explained to you well how to submit accounts here, how to give bank account number, how to give everything including your name, I have explained everything to you one by one, still if anyone has any problem, please comment and our posts if you If you always want to be the first to get new ways, then you must turn on the notification bar. When I post new things, you will be the first to get them.


So friends stay well stay healthy see you again in any new post

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