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Assalamualaikum friends how are you all I hope everyone is well then friends all the holy Eid wishes and on the occasion of Eid you get 30 GB internet so friends how to use this 30 GB free internet in today’s post I will show you full details how to use your 30 GB internet You can use this 30 GB internet every day for 30 days but here are some systems I will show you the systems


If you want to use 30 GB free internet, I will show you everything you need to do. I will not leave anything out, friends, you can use 30 GB internet in Simula today, but you can use your 30 GB internet in everything above GP SIM and Robi SIM Airtel SIM Banglalink SIM Teletalk SIM can use 30 GB free internet


Friends, every day I give you free internet service, you can use all of them, but sometimes you have a little problem, I am solving those problems, so friends, the solution is a lot of VPNs do not work here, there are network server problems, you have a little bit of services. Problems, but today I will show you with a good high quality VPN. You can use Unlimited. You can use free internet for one month. So you should read the completed post carefully. Don’t skip anywhere. Don’t drag.



Maybe many of you may think that using free internet is important and using free internet is a lot of trouble. Hbjib. You don’t need anything. I will shake your brain and put it inside your head. Brain wash how to use free internet. I would give you the service in such a way. I will give you the service of free internet. I will give you the service of free internet. I will give you this service and you will not have any headache. All the time you will be able to use free internet.

So friends, if you want to use free internet here, you have to face some things here. If you have a network problem, then it will not be. If you have a Forge network, then you have to have a Forge mobile. If you have a Forge SIM, then you can use the internet for free. You have to put some MB here. When the app is disconnected, you have to re-current it. If you want to restart it, you have to have some MB here, so I tell you to put some MB here on your mobile so that you can disconnect later. You can solve it yourself


Friends, you may have many problems with a download, but how to download it, how to work here, how to account for it, I will show you everything in detail, it is very easy to account.


Friends, if you want to download this app, you have to download it from the website and I will give you the link on the website. You will download from here. Friends, if you want to download from the website, all you have to do is first come to the website and go to Google search option. As soon as you write Free Internet 2021, such an interface will come in front of you

When you come, your friends will click on the three dot icon in front of you. After clicking on the arrow icon, you will find out where the free internet is written. Click on that free internet icon. When you click here, another interface like this will appear in front of you. There is a post. Go down. After going down, you will see here. There is no download option. Click on that download option. After clicking, you will get a download.


So friends, after downloading, open the app, after opening, you will see who is telling you here which country you need to connect to. If you want, the country that gives good quality and good speed, the net will connect to that country and you will click ok. After clicking OK, your mobile notification. Drag from the top to see if the VPN is active VPN is active Fine can start your work


Then if your friends are under your good network, your free internet will start running and there will be no problem, but sometimes you may have network problems and the app may be disconnected. You will see if there is a text BKB PNB from above when you see VPN. Brother, there is a text, then you will think that Fine is providing good service in it, with it you can do free internet unlimited things, you can use free internet with any SIM and you will not have any server problem, everything will be fine for now.


Friends, many times you have problems using your VPN due to server problems. If you have problems with your server, you will have to wait for a while. After waiting, you will see that your unlimited free internet will run. There will be no problem with any other server. If you have problems with your server, send us a message. You can comment. You can comment on YouTube. If you comment anywhere, you will solve your problem.


Friends you will get any service from here online income free internet free mobile recharge there are a lot of technology services we provide all these services you can enjoy from here unlimited free and if you want to get all our new posts first then you must be in this post Turn on the notification, you will be the first to get all the latest updates and you don’t have to miss it, you don’t have to find out who


So friends throughout the post I showed you how to use your free internet, how to use 30 GB internet, how to use your VPN account, how to connect VPN, how to download VPN, I have explained everything to you, but if you have any problem, you must comment or You can comment on our youtube video, there I will solve your problem, then friends, stay well, stay healthy, see you again in another post.


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