Bangladesh 2021 for 1000-6000 boys and girls is paying government stipend

How are you friends, I hope you are all well, so after a long time I came to you with another post, you will get 8000 rupees 10000 rupees, how can you get this 8000 rupees 10000 rupees, you will get both boys and girls, I do not have time for

you today. I will give you and you will have two or three chairs and tables with me. I will give you the solution. Friends, you are not able to get this ten thousand rupees and 18 thousand rupees. How will you get it? I will talk to you face to face today about who the government is giving you. I will give you a solution. I will tell you how you will get the money for the solution. I will tell you

because I will chat. I will give you the solution because I don’t do it every day. Friends, it is not a big deal to get your money. It is a big deal. 10000 but not a penny from here but you don’t give me we make a hard video and post it get your money by watching this post got money don’t give us a song even if you can give me You can send

bKash to bKash. I will give you bKash number. I will give you my description and print it in my comment box. If you want, you can send 100 taka without any cost. Who will go now? I am not giving you stipend money at all but who is Khaleda Zia to give you a lot of money now that she is there now she is giving you less than a penny.


So friends, you will get your money in one word, what do you have to do now for your development? I will propose to you and explain to you how the money will go to you, how will you take the money in your hand, my friends, you

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have a lot of money from the government. Who gives you this money? You can do a lot of work. You can pay for your education and personal work. If you have special things, you can do them. I will not discuss your specials because I will explain to you what is public. I don’t have a headache. I will see your money and let me know by commenting


The girls may have a lot here because the girls are paying 10 thousand rupees and the boys are paying 8000 rupees. The reason I tell you is that a girl may have a few boyfriends who can spend the money on them and so on and there are no boys. They move by themselves


So friends, friends, all the way today, I explained to you how to take money in your hands, how to take money from here, what to do, I have told you everything, so friends, if you post our video, you must turn on the notification button. So that I get

the next updates in a day. There are some things here but not everyone can get them because not everyone is here. Those who have special names will get them and those who don’t will get them. Now everyone doesn’t have special names. Do you have to name them from school or college? That’s another thing




Friends, here is government money, but not everyone gets government money. It’s only for some special people. They get government money. You are here. If I show you the systems, the system is open. If you can work, then you will get the money. Yes, if you have good results in


the class of the student leagues, but they get a little more money, the money used and the poor helpless people who also get more money, so if you have your financial problems and financially, why not take money from the government The money that is being given will be taken by those who have allocated it and those who are asking for it




Friend, for the last few years, government money has been circulating in schools and colleges, ie there are some authorities who withdraw money from banks and through those who are in charge of the schoolmaster’s headmaster school, but who gave you the money before? I am giving you the answer to why you are not giving through


them now. If you had an allocation of Rs. 10000 before, that money would have become Rs. 10000 to go to you. That means there are many people here. For two thousand rupees, the government has given you more banking system here. You can take your money through banking, so you are saving your money and you are not having any problem and the government gazette is not getting your money. Another problem. If


your money had reached them, then when the money will come to you, I have a lot to come to you It would take time now for them to pick you up directly from the bank and send you your account number in bkash or cash I think it would be best and you will get the money quickly I told you if they would give you money from them then of course you


Besides, friends, there are a few more things. Here you can get more money. Some of them are from the government. I will give you only one offspring, but your bonus will come. If you want to take it, you must watch our video. You can take it from the video. Apart from wanting to


earn, we have a lot of posts on this site on this page that you can earn money online by looking at the posts, moreover, if you like it, you will watch those videos and of course I have fully explained to you how you can earn thousands of dollars. Here’s how to set up an account. I’ve shown you everything. Now you need to read a lot. Not only will you click on the link that you have, but you will get the money. OK, I’ll show you the system. You will see then you can handle


Stay well, stay healthy, see you again with a new post and a new video, and if you want to get these new posts regularly, then you must turn on the notification here, then the new videos, new posts, everyone Before you get it, stay well, stay healthy, I’m seeing someone else

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