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Assalamualaikum friends how are you all I hope everyone is well so friends I am coming up with another new free internet post so this free internet you can use all your life how will you use free internet all your life today I will show you openly so you are complete How do you guys read the post carefully


Use free internet from Bangladesh. You can use free internet from GP Robi Airtel Teletalk and all the SIMs in Bangladesh. I will talk in detail about how to use free internet. You may have searched for many free internet videos in 2019-2021. Emerald


If you want to use free internet, you can also use free internet. It has been seen that you may or may not be a little busy at first, but I will show you today how to use free internet in the open sea. You can’t use free internet with a VPN from Bangladesh. You can burn it for the rest of your life. The system that I see in you, if you work in this system, you can use free internet for the rest of your life.



Running free internet is nothing here. If you want, you can also run free internet. You can watch free internet. You can watch anything. Emu WhatsApp repeatedly on YouTube. Then you can watch everything you have on social media through this VPN. I will show you today how VPN. I will show you in detail step-by-step how to connect here


I have posted about 100 videos about free internet so far. I have posted 100 videos. You have benefited from all the posts and each post has 30 GB GP 100 GB free internet. Then one month free internet. Two months three months. I have posted unlimited free internet. Many of you have benefited from the post so today I will show you some more new things from which you can benefit and use more and more free internet.



Friends, you search every day, you search the internet, how do you run free internet, how do you earn money online, how do you take free minutes? We will show you the proof from where you can earn your income. You can run free internet. You can get 100% payment. We show you the proof.


Friends, the VPNs that we have presented to you, show you using free internet tools. These are not commonly available in the Play Store and you may not know that there is no free service in the Play Store. You become a millionaire for free. You earn money here for free. But they don’t want Play Store because Play Store is a company from which they will earn income. They will not allow anyone to earn second. So if you download from your Play Store, you will not get any benefit. You will not be able to use internet for free from here.



Let’s take you to the main topic. If you want to use free internet here, you must download a software and we will give you this software. The download name will be written here. You will download the option from there. You must click on the No Download button to download the work, and the things you need to do after downloading from here, friends, there will be a lot of settings, there will be a lot of privacy, you will see that if all is well, then your permissions. When you count the permissions, a button called Connect will appear in front of you. Click on My option and see from above whether VPN is connected in the notification.


When friends VPN is connected, you will not think that it is one hundred percent real and education is done. When VPN is connected, various connectors will be available after a while, your free service will be activated, you can browse anything from mobile and try anything. You can do it. It will work. There is no way, but here are some more options that I am telling you to come.



Friends, when we use free internet, many of us understand that the problem is that the problem is often disconnected. After a while you get disconnected. The solution to this problem is what I am telling you. Then your disconnect problem will show. You will leave 50 to 100 MB on one hundred to one hundred and fifty such mobiles. When you are disconnected, you will be able to re-current it again. Of course you can run free internet with current all the time

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Friends may be the first first or 12 times you may fail here may not be your first first connection so what you need to do is you must have a Forge mobile you must have a Forge SIM as it is but 3/4 4/3 If you have / 3 above, then of course you can use the internet for free very nicely, so I told you, if you try the internet for free with a good RAM forge set, then you can use the internet for free, you will not have any problem.


So friends, the whole post, if I tell you how to download the app, how to launch the app, how to use the internet for free, how to set up everything from here, all the permissions, all the details, I have seen you today, if anyone has any problem, please comment us and we I will try to reply to you after reading those comments and those of you who do not leave must comment and let us know that our brother is not running, then we will personally knock you down and show you what the problem is, but I will show you today how not to run. Everything will be fine. Friends, stay well. Stay healthy. See you again in another new post.

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