The psc jsc ssc exam is being canceled, said Education Minister Dipu 2021

Assalamualaikum how are you friends I hope you are all well then dear friends how many exams have you got PSC JSC exams how many exams are there all exams are being canceled but now it is increasing day by day so your exams are being canceled and your exams will not be here They will decide but your test has been canceled for more than the condition

So friends have studied in different media but the Minister of Education has answered the question. He said that there will be no examination in Padampur and school and college will not be opened but he has made it very clear that there will be no examination. But then the risk to people’s lives will increase a lot from life but don’t study so they won’t take any more exams and decide to open a school now the situation is the same but the situation is very sad and the situation is going on


So friends, whenever the situation returns to normal and normal, they will review it. In this meeting, they will sit down and think about how to open a school or college. They will discuss how to fill their education deficit. But for now, I want to emphasize. If you are right then of course you will get everything if you have courage then you will get nothing and life is not teaching for life


By forming a committee, they will see what is going on in the whole country. In fact, if there is a system to open, if there is a position to open, then they will do it and if there is no system to open, then they will not open. Due to the change, the situation is very bad, so they have decided not to open it now, because the students, but the value of life is very high, so the Minister of Education has announced your thoughts.

Translated To Bangla

So friends, if you want to hear this rich in Bengali, then you must read and translate it. If you click on Translate, then the whole text will be translated into Bengali. If you can hear it in Bengali, you will understand what has not been said here. I will explain in Bengali

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