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Assalamualaikum friends how are you all hope all is well friends today I will show you today is a viral thing for the last few days that Nasir and their justice and the Prime Minister in our Education Minister’s meeting picture but they are making videos from photos but comparing such a music add. Today I will show you how the system works by moving it

So how can you make a video by looking at your photos, you can show it anywhere with a funny moment, you can sit in front of everyone, you can give it on Facebook, people will be surprised if you share it, how can you not make a video from your photo to your face? How to do it the way you want it to be the way you want it to be. Today I will explain to you in full post how to do it.

So friends, if you want, you can convert any photo in your best friend report into a video in the dark in your own photo. If you want, you can convert it into a video. I’ll show you the complete tips on how to convert it into a video. Friends have gone viral online and on Play Store. With these they come in different shapes and sizes and they become popular. How can you have fun? If you want, you can create something that you can publish and you can earn money online. You can use it for any purpose of freelancing, but how to do it? I will explain all the details to you step by step

So friends, to understand this, first you need to download a software. You will not find this software in the Play Store. You will have to get this software. You have to download it from Google. After visiting the site, click on the download option here. When you do not click on download, this app will be downloaded. After downloading this app, you will usually open the app. After opening, you will see different photos coming here. Give me a photo of you. After giving the photo, you will see different music. So you can add any of your music here.


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So friends, after you add your music, you will see different types of postures, shapes, postures, the way you want, you can dance your face, you can do anything, you can do anything with this app, but this app can be found in the play store because there is no Free apps and free work can be done that no popular app in the play store that people benefit from does not rain it you have to download it from the website where to download the website circle it will not work for you friends after downloading this app So I told you how to work, how to do, how to open everything in detail

So friends, if anyone still has a problem, you must comment, let us know if you are getting comments and let us know your funny moment pictures. We will see the pics of your comments, then you will not be seen again in any other video in any other post.

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