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Assalamualaikum friends how are you all I hope everyone is well so friends I have given you many offers videos before and I have posted many of them many of you but 30 GB GP 1GB internet many have taken and I have recently given you the expiration date of what you have done. You can’t use it anymore because you are gone. You can’t take the codes from here. Your codes have become extreme. Removed from here. Friends, today I will show you 3gb as long as the girls are connected to the free internet with a VPN, so don’t watch your full video. Friends, I am going to show you the full video on how to connect, how to run free internet, everything will be done by watching it.

Friends 30gb girls this abp all you have to do is you must download bpn yes friends it is for you to download it from play store i will give you the link how to download you and what to do after downloading everything i see you First click on your download no. After downloading, you will download different. After downloading, there will be reconditioning. There will be many permissions. You will give permission. Then there will be a button called OK. From there you will give OK. When it is connected

Then friends, if you use this video, the rules that you have to follow are whether you have a Forge SIM, you have to have a Forge mobile, you have to have a 4G RAM, but you can do a good VPN, and 1:20 you will remember when you do this VPN. Then you have to have some MB in your mobile and if it shows your connection error to stay up to date then once you show it twice or thrice you will be permanently deleted and you will not be able to use your internet.

Friends, there are many of us, but search on the internet, Google WhatsApp, search through WhatsApp, see how you can run, how to make money online, but by going through many details, you will be constantly notified to get new ones later.


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Friends, there are hundreds of apps on the free internet, but there are thousands of new ones. Here they provide assistants through the systems that they are constantly updating, and a picnic. Every day, we post every day to let you know. The thing is, we will see you every day and understand the internet, then use the internet

Friends, using the free internet is not a problem, it is not a problem, if you understand what it is, here are some basic ideas that are shown to you, but I can use them for free, but you can use the internet for free. But the way we see how we are running is exactly the way you have to work. If you don’t work, your free internet will not work. There are some people who don’t follow us like that. They overdo things that don’t like us. That’s why they often have problems on their mobiles. The problem with the network is how the internet works

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You can use the Internet for free. If you have a network problem, you may have problems, but here I have seen some more. You need to change the location from the same location but always free. If the internet does not work, you will have to change these stones during the day, then you will get better internet servicing for free.

So friends all along the way I have made it clear to you how not to use the internet for free and has given an unequal treat through which you are doing 1 bunch of free internet you are learning from here because you must learn well so I will clear you again with you There is no need to explain. See you again. Stay well. Stay healthy. Show up again.



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