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Assalamualaikum friends how are you all I hope everyone is well so friends with another internet video Aslam friends today free internet a VPN you can’t use free internet for six months today i share with you you can use free internet for six months here you You can unblock any site you want, you can do whatever you want from here, video unlimited, because the free internet from here is very much for you, from here, if you use a printer, how not to use it, we will discuss with you today.



Friends, you have been commenting on me for a long time, how can you use the internet for free, Salma student for four years, so today I will show you how to make a statement, you can use the internet for six consecutive months, but here are some things you need to disconnect once a day. If you keep 100MB 100mb on your mobile every day, you will be able to use it unlimited all day long. There are many rules and conditions. If you follow them, you will be able to use your free internet.


Friends, if you want, you can use the free internet from anywhere in the world, but here you have to download the app, there are different rules, you have to follow these rules first and there are many settings, you can use the internet for free if you run those settings. You can run free internet in Bangladesh GP SIM Bangladesh Airtel SIM but there is another problem here you have to use Forge SIM Forge mobile charger



Friends, if you say that there is no reason to use free internet, only you can understand it easily, just as we will explain it to you, it is very simple, only once you explain the rules well, then you will be asked about something to use free internet. You need to understand and read each post carefully


Friends, we are posting a lot about 30GB, weather, BGBO, 100GB. This post has a lot of support and many people are running free internet, but if you want to use 30GB free internet, you can use


Friends, you can’t run this free internet from the play store because they don’t want anything from the play store. You don’t do anything for free, that is, become a millionaire for free, run the internet for free, but they never want it, so we will give you how to Google it. Do this and you must download the software from Google as it does not support anything in the Play Store.


You need to disconnect once a day, connect once, then if you have a network problem, you can change the network location to see if it works. First, if you are not connected here, then you should try a few times with a little effort. I guarantee you that it will work now because I will show you today using the proof with the proof whether the internet is free or not. I will show you all the detailed documents and then you will use it.


So friends, every job has a little loose. Every job has a rule. These rules mean you can’t work in the office. Here you must work according to the rules. If you don’t work according to the rules, your ID will be blocked. If you overload the rule you will be blocked from here as you can no longer use it.


Friends, this free internet is only available in a city in the United Kingdom. Here in some cities, they are giving free internet, that is, they are giving it to Unity with a VPN. From there, we select the software and the country of that country. You can because it is not only running in Bangladesh. It has only been shown to you by tracking the location of United. In this way, you can use the free internet from the server here and there.


So friends at first glance you might think it might be a lot of trouble but not really any trouble and many don’t think hibjib but actually no he bgbio it is very easy to understand if you don’t understand carefully and I will explain to each of you how to work here How to do it from here, how to do account settings, download apps, get current here, I will explain everything to you in detail.


So friends, first of all you have to download a software. I will give the software link here. You can download the software by clicking here. After downloading the software, you want a lot of permissions here. You will do the permissions. After giving the permissions, you will be able to work.


Then friends will see 1000 on the train from the top of the notification bar of your mobile. When the VPN is activated, when you see that it is sold, you will think that it is working hand-held.


So friends, from above I have explained everything to you very easily, how to work here, how to activate your VPN from here and in which SIMs you can use everything, but I have explained the details to you, if you still have any problems, let us know in the comments. I will tell you again where you have a problem. You can use all the SIMs in Bangladesh. From there, if you want to have a VIP account, you always have to have some MB in your mobile.

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The reason for keeping MBs is that you have disconnected the VPN so many times you don’t have MB in your mobile then you can’t connect the printer so keep 40 to 50 MB in your mobile all the time 100 to 200 MB when you go to visit. You can use different stickers unlimited when you can go from 5 to 10 MB


So friends, I hope you understand better so far as you do today, then if you don’t understand, please let us know by commenting and you will be the first to get all the new updated posts. You can subscribe now and keep the bell icon on. When I post new posts, you will be the first to receive them, then if anyone has any problem, you must let us know by commenting, we will solve the problem of your comment, then you will be fine, stay healthy, see you again, how to install the next post. Stay well and stay healthy



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