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Gp free internet 2021

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Airtel free internet 2021

Banglalink free internet 2021


Assalamualaikum friends, how are you all, I hope you are all well, friends, for a long time, I have given a lot of videos, 30 GB free internet, posted a lot, everything worked there, but there is a little problem here I have shown you a new statement by modifying a new one so that you can run 30 GB internet for one month free internet that effort will give you today



So friends, the variety that I gave you a few days ago, after 10 days and 15 days, and none of you, so I am showing you today for those who were born, how you will run, how you will work, I will show you everything today.



Friends it would be wrong to say it is 30GB internet why it is not 30GB internet it is just given you a limit 30GB internet as long as you buy until you finish this 30gb internet if you can finish it in 2 days even if you can finish it in 2 days 10 days There is a limit of 10 days. With this limit you can use this 30 GB internet. If you run out of space in 15 days, it is your failure. If you want, we will show you how to do it.




Friends, using the free internet is not a hassle and there is no hard work. You are always looking for Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, various social media, how to do something, how to use the free internet, etc. We always upload for you. There are various offers on how to use the internet for free by posting videos

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What do you guys have to do here? First you need to download a VPN. There is no support in the various Play Stores in the office. Not only do you have someone to download it from. After downloading from the website, I will explain something to you.


After doing this, your friends want a lot of permissions here. You have to give them the permissions. There are many rules here. You have to follow these rules. After downloading various tension conditions, open BP. No more trouble



So friends, I have explained to you well throughout the whole video, I have prepared well, then if you have any problem, then you must comment and let us know, it is not too much trouble using you, but you have to download the VPN. You can use it if you follow the rules I have read, but another thing is not to tell you that you have to keep 200 to 300 MB in your mobile account and then connect it. Of course you can go to First Network at night. Of course you can’t run it for free, otherwise you can’t run it for free, you can’t run your ID in any way.


Then they completely do it. I have explained to you well how to connect VPN here. I have explained everything. Then if you have any problem, then comment to us. Stay well. Stay healthy. See you in another post.




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