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Hello friends how are you all you are good friends I will introduce you to a mastermind free internet if you can’t imagine how the internet works so free

Friends, I hope that if you follow today’s rules and work on this system, you will all be able to use the internet for free, you will be able to use unlimited free internet, just like parents

So friends, Grameen SIM of Bangladesh, Robi SIM, Airtel SIM, all such Banglalink SIM SIMs, you can use free internet in all SIMs.

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So friends, in order to use the internet for free, you have to follow the rules, of course you have to have Forge internet, you have to have Forge mobile and you have to have net under 4g, then you can use free internet, there will be no problem.

Of course, friends, you are watching our video from above. In fact, after watching the video from above, it is written that the download is not downloaded. Click there. If you click, you can download your speed. It cannot be downloaded and used directly from the free internet

Courtesy friends download it from the link given by us from above and I told you this setting system you have to make settings you have to download the app you have to open it after opening it you will see here there will be different configures who will allow them and it will be written here then you have to connect VPN Whether

After the notification from Bhattacharya, you will see Connect and Disconnect. When Connect is written, the name of the active organism will be written. Only then will you think that this VPN is connected. You can use it.

To use free internet you must have some MB in your phone i.e. 100 to 200 MB because when VPN connection is disconnected it will not connect without MB you have to keep 20mb to connect you it is very important but you have to keep

That’s why I’m telling you friends, keep some MB in your phone, keep some MB in seasonal MB, if you keep MB, you won’t have any problem to get disconnected when you are disconnected later, you don’t have MB yourself, finish MB because you won’t have any

His friends must put some MB on your phone in the future so that there will be no such problem later. Friends, I have already told you how to make different downloads, how you will work, how to do the settings, how to connect the apps, I have told you the details of everything.

So friends, I hope that after that if there is no problem, if there is any problem, you must comment to us, comment on our youtube video and comment on the post on our website. If you have any problem, we will solve the problem and you will be able to use internet for free. You will be able to use free internet in all SIMs of Bangladesh without any problem

So friends, people use social media to search for free internet in many ways, but they can’t do the right thing in the right way, so they can use the internet for free. We have shown you how to use free internet, how to work, how to download software, but we have given.

Then it will not work exactly as I have shown you. Activate the VPN in this way and the office will keep some MB in your phone, then you will have no problem and you are sure to use your free internet from here for a few months to a few years. I can apologize if there are any official changes, but I can’t tell you.

Friends, you have Grameen SIM, Robi SIM, Airtel SIM in Bangladesh. You can use free internet from one end of the country to the other. You can use the real internet of natural resources of Bangladesh. Unlimited. No problem. That you can use free internet at a good amount of speed

Millions of people are using the internet for free and people who have seen my eyes want to use the free internet. You can use the free internet here. There will be no problem. I will give you a 100% guarantee. I told you. You can use free internet


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