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So how are you dear friends I hope you are all well so friends I came up with another new post that through this post today I will explain to you how you can use the internet for free in a new way yes friends is it true that you use the internet for free in a new way You can

So friends, if you want to use the internet for free, you have to do the next things. Today I will show you the whole thing, but read the whole post well. You will not celebrate Eid anywhere.

So friends, how to use free internet, how to use free internet with which SIM, how many hours you can use free internet, I will tell you the details today and show you live.

Friends, you must download some software to use the internet for free. If you do not download these software, you will not be able to use the internet for free.

Friends, you will see in the top right. After coming to the website, you will see that there is an option to download. Clicking on the download Nowsheen will take you to the Play Store. If you click, you will download this software from the Play Store. You can’t run the internet, you have to download by clicking on the download link from the website

Friends you can use free internet in all SIMs of Bangladesh Grameen Robi Airtel and you can use your organization in all SIMs in Bangladesh Unlimited No problem

Friends, you must use some tools to use the internet for free. If you follow the rules, you will have no problem and you will be able to use the internet for free.

Friends, the rule is to keep two to three hundred MB on your mobile all the time because you need some MB to download and connect VPN, so you always have 200 to 300 MB on your mobile. What do we need to connect when we are disconnected?

So friends you have to have MB and you have to go under a good net so that the VPN will be connected only when the network speed is good on your mobile, VPN will not be connected before and you will not be able to use free internet.

Friends, if you want to run free internet at full speed, you have to go to a good network and comment on the VPN and keep MB on your phone. If you don’t have anything, you will not be able to use free internet.

So friends, it’s not a problem to use the free internet. It’s a common thing. If you don’t know me, show me who you are. If you work under that name, then you can use the internet for free.

Friends, you can use free internet in all the SIMs of Bangladesh. You can use free internet in all the SIMs of Bangladesh including Grameen Robi Airtel Teletalk culture, but you will not be honored in all the SIMs.

Friends, many of us have used Airtel SIM and Grameen SIM for free internet to get the amount of Espirit that gives you a 10mbbps WiFi speed for free but Airtel and so on and above 10mbps but we are in a hurry to use free internet but there is no such speed but you Yes, you can play everything on Facebook and YouTube videos, but your quality will not be so good

I have told you what you need to do in case you want to run quality internet and free internet on Eid. All friends, you need to change IP from here. How do you want to change IP? See from behind. If you change, then change your network. If you can and pay your money from JCI area then you can all run free internet

So friends, when you run the free internet, you have to face a lot of problems, the problem is that you will be disconnected from time to time, you will have to reconnect, this is a problem, but it usually happens to everyone, so I told you how to take these problems again.

So friends, I told you a lot, if you do exactly what I tell you, then you will not be able to run the internet for free, you will not be able to run the memory internet, you understand.

So friends, if you still have a problem, what do you do? We don’t have a winning video. Go there and comment on us. If you comment, we will solve your problem by replying to your comment. If you don’t understand, you must understand our video and watch the post. If you understand everything then there is no problem with what else

Exactly friends, the way we see you, download the apps worldwide, after downloading, you will be taken to the Play Store, download from here, download permission is required, you will give me the permissions, give me a written and notification bar train from above, you will see how to connect to free internet. Can run

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