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Hello friends, how are you? I hope you are all well, friends, today I will talk to you about free internet. You can all use it. You can use free internet with all the SIMs in all the movies in Bangladesh.

So friends, you should read today’s article carefully and the rules that you will use to run free internet, I will write it here for some of you. If you want to run free internet, you must have a Forge Internet mobile and 4g. If you have a SIM, you can use the internet for free

So let’s get started, friends. First of all, all you have to do is download the app from the download option. After downloading, you will get one. If you want a lot of permissions here, you have to give them and if you do, you can go here. Many computers will come from. You have to set them to configure. After setting them, you will move to many countries from here.

Friends, you may think that every time there is a problem, after 2 hours and a half, you may have a problem with Vipin disconnection. You will have to reconnect them. After you turn them on, you will see from above. Then your free internet will work. You will be able to use free internet on Grameen SIM Robi SIM Airtel SIM in Bangladesh. There will be no problem in this. Every day thousands of millions of people search on Google how to make free internet. You can play the song given on the YouTube channel. I will show you with proof that you will use it

Shabnur, you can use free internet, but if you follow the rules I have given you above, you can use free internet and the speed of internet will be more than your 10 Mbps WiFi, but here are some things to do. All you have to do is run the internet. Of course, you will be able to run the internet more than the ones you bought in this one year, but the internet will run for free and the one year has been done, the free internet will not run in their SIM. They will run their free internet. Bought the number for them


Friends, I hope you understand well because I have shown you the above systems well and if you don’t understand anything, I can comment on our YouTube video and post on our website. I work regularly on your page. Of course you can use the internet for free

For your convenience, I have again told you to download it by clicking on the download option above. Of course, if you watch the video given to us only once, then you will understand it better. Moreover, I am writing here to make it very easy for you to use your free internet. Do

OK then you guys download this app from above and do it according to the rules I have shown you, of course if you have no problem contact us and I guarantee you your handset person will be able to use free internet no problem but You will try under a good network. When you activate this app first, then comment a little on the side of the network. If there is a network at first, but it causes a lot of problems, then you will click on a good connecting option and connect to your PC

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