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Hello friends, how are you? I hope you are all well, so friends, today’s post will show you how to use the internet for free, so if you read the whole article with your attention, you will not understand anything. If you have RAM’s Android mobile then you can use internet for free

Of course you have to have 4g mobile and your network is under 4g so you can use internet for free. Friends, there are many of you to use free net. Can’t

Friends, there are usually a number of countries in Asia Region for Asia, including Bangladesh, but using the internet for free is an alternative route. So with this alternative route, friends, I will show you how to use your free internet and I will share with you today. You can use the internet for free. You can use the unlimited free internet. You can use the free internet in all the SIMs in Bangladesh.

For example, you have Grameen SIM in Bangladesh, Robi SIM in Bangladesh, Airtel SIM, Teletalk SIM, then there is Skito SIM, less or no SIM. You can usually use it in all the pictures. If you can’t use it, you will have a lot of problems connecting

There are many who have been running free internet for the last six to seven years but now from 2019 to 2020 many of them do not know how to use free internet but before they have openly used Sky VPN and free internet from these so I will show you today. The running system of 2021 is using free internet. It is not a difficult task. It is a very simple task. If you look at it carefully, you can. But there is no other free internet VPN in the Play Store that you have to download from all the websites.

Friends, there was a time when you used to download software from the Play Store and work on the free internet, but now there is no free internet when you download from the Play Store. The reason is that the Play Store no longer offers anything for free. We customize it to make new urea now with your free internet system here then let’s see how you don’t use free internet we insert a new uranium so you can use free internet

You can definitely use free internet here. If you follow our rules of view, you can use free internet here. You can use free internet as many SIMs as you have in Bangladesh and any Android phone, but those phones must be Forge size and have Forge, then you are free. You will be able to use the internet without any problem

Apps We will see many rules. If you follow all the rules well, then you will be able to use the internet for free. You may not be able to connect to the app for a long time. A lot of times it is a little hassle to connect and once it is connected then there is no hassle later.

The precaution you need to take to use the free internet is that every time you connect it, you must disconnect it after 5 hours of protest and collect it again because it is often seen that the result of free internet changes or Here you need to reconnect and reconnect every 5 hours for regulation change.

If you follow this rule they hope you will not have any problem so I tell you every 5 hours you will disconnect the connector here and reconnect again then you will not have any problem and I will tell you that inside I will show you the chatting settings that you will follow very well if there is any problem in the settings but your free internet will not work.

So friends, I hope you understand today’s texts better. To understand them better, you can download the app from above and continue the activities of free internet and I must tell you well in the video. I told you not to be so busy in the texts, then watch your video. Understand how to use your free internet and the apps had different settings but I saw in your video


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