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Kinemaster new update Apk kinemaster Export Error Problem Solve 2021

Kinemaster new update  Appk kinemaster Export Error Problem 2021


How To Solve Kinemaster Export Problem Solve

Being able to create and edit video on the go is one of those things that Don’t surprise us anymore. What does

All in all, kinmaster mobile video editing app.its not expensive if you are constacly creating videos,  especially if you are doing it from your handheld device. You can get kinemaster in the app store and on google play. You can find an extensive and detailed user guidebon the kinmaster website which helps undrestand every working detail off the app.

There is  a coupke of things that could be improve.  The inability  to change the aspect ratio from indide tge editor is a bit limitung. Also,  long and large videos take a long time to export. It would be nice las well if with one subscribers you could use both ios and androids apps.  Some of us have a number of devices and use them all depending on tge situation.

Last thoughts.

Having tired a number of different  video editing apps, i can safely say that kinemaster is one of the easietst and most intuitive. The learning curvr is not steep at all and It’s  easy to get results fast. As social media marketing and content creator,  kinemaster is one of those apps that will help you make content faster and better.

 Editing workflow.

When using kinemaster on ios you need to have  you media ready in your photo or video files. There is no integration to apps like dropbox or Google  photos. So It’s best to get clips and photos organisations first before starting a konemaster project. On android,  you can connect to Google drive.

Adding files is easy.  When you add photos,  video or audio the app will ask if you wantbto aff it as a clip or as a layer. Adding as a clip will add it to the app  top layer, adding as a layer will creat a whole new layer.

Clipping,  cutting,  relocating,  reversing ,  and changing tge speed of a clips is aeasy.  In fact,  cliping options  are quite advance.  The regular splut at the playhed.  Option comes with the option to trim to the left or right of the playhed. When you trim,  the clips instantly stick together getting rif of all empty spaces.

Adding effects like colour grading filters and other creative filters is straight forward.  Simply click on a clip and choose from the options in the editing tabs. If you Don’t  see what you like in the default list,  visit the market place to find more.

Transitions are added by pressing on the plus sing between clips and there is plenty of option.  Likewise,  visit the maket place for the transition options.

When you add a clip a layer below the main layer,  it will take over the scence unless you add an opacitu filter or another tyoe of effect.  With a bit of practice ,  you can make plenty od interesting and creatived effects using layers and effects at the same times.

Chacking your progress is simple.  Simpky press the play button and watch the video as you edit.

Once your videos is ready,  exprot it at tge recommend quality or adjust as needed.  After it has been exported yoy can share it social media or via messenger or email or any other app that you have linked to your sharing fumctions on your devices.

Starting a new project.

From the landing screen,  you can choose to either keep editing an exiting project or start a new one.  When you choose to start a new one the app will ask if you want to creat it a horuzontal,  vertical or squre video. Choose wiselt as you Won’t be able to change it later. Also, make sure the clips you want to use are in that format or you will have zoom and adjustbto fit the size ratio.

The Editing interface.

The editing interfrace looks similarly to many other video editing software.  Let’s take a deeper look at the controls.

Control Bar: on tge left of the interfaces is the control bar. There are buttons for undo and redo.  A capture button to adf an image to your project with the help of the device camera. Project setting with lots of available adjustment. Therr is also a button that opems up the time line when its too crowed at the bottom.  The androin.

The video window: tge video is in the cemter like most video editing software.  But if you click on thr timeline toggle in the control bar, the video window  moves over to the left of the screen.

Media circle: The media cicrle is on the top right of the screen.  From the media bar, you add new media,  music, effects,  and layers. The red circle inside tge media circle a capture buttin. Meaning you can xapture video on your phone right from the app. You can alsi record audio with your microphone.

Advanced setting: when a video or audio clips is selected, the advanced editing tools appear in place of the media circle.  The number of editing options is quite inpressive for a mobile app.

Timeline: The timeline is at the bottom of the screen unless you click on the timeline buttom on thebcontril bar which will put the timeline in a larger area to the the right, pushing tge video window to  the left.  On tge timeline, you can organize layers with effects, titles,  b- rolls clips,  and audio tracks. The frist and topmost layer is the main clip layer. The clips in this layer are always adjacent to each other and tgere are never any gaps.  In theblayers bekow, you can adjust when new clips come into the acenebby moving the clips around.

Assest marketplace: Inside the assets marketplace,  you will find of Effects,  transusion,  and titkes sliders. There are all available  when you have a subcription but have a cost per effect when you arebjust using the free subcription.

Exprot and share: when you are done with the videos uts time to export itm to share it on website and social media you have to export it frist.

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