Kine Master Video Edit Export Save Error Problem Solve 2021

kinemaster Export Problem Solve 2021 Kine Master Export Error Problem Solve 2021 

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Kinemaster Video Editor App All Basic Knowledge And Tips 2021


This is the kinmaster video editing or sreen, i gave tge number to the object functions and  feature easily,  the image Below is a kinmaster Video editing sreen image.

In the above image,  you will see as follows



3.Export and Share

4.kinemaster Project setting

5. Layer adjustments

6. Quick Forward -backward

7. Kinemaster asset store

8. Layer


10. Audio


12. Play


I will describe all the mark object on the above image, and tell you its feature  and uses.


পূর্বাবস্থায় ফিরে যখন আপনার ক্রিয়াটি সরিয়ে ফেলা হয় তখন রিডো দরকারী, সাধারণ কথায় আপনি পুনরায় বৈশিষ্ট্য সহ পূর্বাবস্থায় ফিরে যেতে পারেন।


Redo is useful when you move back your action with undo, in the simple word you can reverse undo move with redo feature.

3.Export and Share

This option is for Exporting your video project,  Once you finish Video editing then you can use this option is for saving your video in the Gallery  of your phone

4. Kinmaster project setting

Whhen you click on this option then you will see some other options like audio, Video, Editing.


you can adjust audio fade-in timing with this option, and if you dont want and audio fade feature  then there is an option to enable and disbable it you can select anyone From both the option.


This is same as the above point, with this option you can adjust fade in and fade out timing of video


In this setting option,  you can adjust the default timing of Photo and layers, that means if you select 6.0- secund timing for a default photo duration then when you add a photo during video  editing it will be appering for 6.0 second and this will be same for the default layer option. In this setting option, you xan also adjust the default photo cropping, your image will appear in the video by default cropping size which you Selected in this setting option.

5. Layer Adjustments

This setting is Very useful when you add multiple layers to your video,because when we add multiple layers then It’s getting hard to re editing that layer because we cant recognize a particular layer quickly. When we click on this setting  option then this Only shows us all the layers and then it gets easy for us to selecte a particular layer

6. Quick forward – Backward

This setting option will Help us when we have to go the end  of the video and come back to the beginning of the video. That meens when we click on it then we again come back  to the beginning of the video

7.  Kinemaster asset store

When you click  on it then it opens the kinmaster Assets Store l,you can download thibgs like effects, overlay, music, text from here

8. Layer

When you click on the layer option, you will see some other options like media, effect, overly,text, handwriting,you have to click on the things which you want to add to your Video as a layer, for example, if you want to add the image as a layer, then select the media option and selecte the text if you want to add some text in the from of layer


If you want to an add image or Video as a layer then you can add this from here.

. Effect

If you want some effects in your video then you can add effects  from here, in kinmaster, there are basic effects already install in it but if you want to more effects then there is download option also available click on it and it and it will redirect to the kinmaster assets store and you can download effects from there.


If you want to add some stickers  in your Video  as a layer then you can add this from here, there are some classic stickers already available here like a ball, face, hair, heart and lot more then you can easily download it from the kinmaster asset store.

. Text

If you want to add some text to your video then you can add this from here.

. Handwriting

If you want to draw something with your hand then this feature will help you, you can draw, write anything  with your own handwriting here.

9. Media

When you open a kinemaster app and start a video editing then fristly you need to add some media file which you want to edit in Kinemaster this media file will be an image or video and Sometimes both, in the simpke word you can add video from this option which you want to edit.

10. Audio

We can add different audio to the video from this set feature option, for example, if we went to custom audio for video them we can add an audio file from this option.


If  we need our own voice in the video then we can directly record it with this option.

12. With this option,  we can play a video which we are editing.

13. When we click on the back option, then we go back to the main interfrace the kinmaster app.

Kinemaster video editor is one of the best video editors apps.

I am a user and fan of video editing and i made the best tips and guide for it.

If you like to make various types of videos, then kinemaster video editing is really for you.

If you will meet any difficult in using this incredible app, then you may install our app and learn the tutorial about kinemaster app.

Here are some info and tips about kinemaster video editor nee version, kinemaster video editor paid and more.

The best and useful guide for kinemaster video editors free is you and you can install it and learn all you need.


This is an unofficial guide app. This app is not authorized or created or trsted by the creator of the application. All the app name contact us directly.


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