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Hi Friend im showing This video Free internet Tips and triks

I will Shear Today Internet Use Full and Fast use All Bangladeshi sim Internet No Charge Unlimited Use 4G Network 2021,


Today i sat down to  write a netune a few days later,  beacuse my internet connection wae gone.  But a whilebago a dear friend of mine called me and said i have a gift for you,  come to the officr with your modem.  Thats what i did,  i left and took a gift and shared that gift with all of you so that you will remember me well.


The article was frist published on the bdirang site.


So now lest talk about work. You can use the free internet at any oparetor using the methods that i have brought before you today.  But remember it is not bad.


How to get free vpn and free internet.


Load some money on any grameenphone,  airtel,  banglalink, robi or teletalk sim. Turn on any of the package offered by your operator ( The ones that cost less). Then visit this link and download and install the software.  Now when the softwere is turned on, it may look like the picture below, so turn it off. There is nothing to do with this softer,  it needs a lot components.


Who doesn’t  like to get free internet. And if it us free net then it Doesn’t matter. We bengalis are more interested in free net beacuse our sim company charges a little more for data pack.  Our neighbouring country india is mich better than this. If you see their data package,  then you will want to go to india to run the net.  However,  without saying so, come back to the main post.  Is free net really post. Is free net really possible? Is their a way to run free net in Bangladesh?


The answer is yes. There are many ways to run free net i will tell you how to run free net slowly. But before that we need to have a general idea on some issues. In today s episodebi will tell you those. Those who know can ignore if they want.


90% Vpn E tunnels.. But not all tunneks are Vpn.  Vpn is the tunnel that you can use to hide your IP. Vpn encrypted your ip with your mb and gived another IP so that you can secure you online activity. Amd you can access various blocked sitesm Vpn will never give you free net.


On the other hand, tunnels are those vpns that will allow you to run free net. Some tunnels need to be configured abd some have already been done. Tunnels let your sim company firewall  injection allow you to run free net.  Sky vpn is one such tuner. On the other hand touch vpn is vpn 7.


Touch Vpn.. Turbo Vpn.. Proton Vpn.. Cyber ghost Vpn… Nord Vpn are some good vpn..  And sky Vpn.. Droid Vpn.. Psiphon Vpn..These aee tunneler Vpn.


Before you know about net, you need to know about ip. We all have a specific ip in the phone. Anyone with this ip is your location. You will be able to know many things including phone details etc. The government of our country has blocked our ips on site for which we cannot enter the blocked site with our real ip.


Now the job is net. Net is also type is net. But it is someone elses.  When using a net we show another ip instead of our real ip. We can access blocked sites through net. It also takes some net to run free net with which we can run free net.


Each phone has aport for charging your mobile Though  which you connect the pin of the charger to the phone. Let me give you an example of what a port is. You will enter a house.  So use the door to enter.  If the door closef, the window or back door etc. Home is the internet here. Hall doors windows etc. We also need some open port run free netm port has some parts.


Udp port  This is a very good speed port network.  Id you get all these ports,  you canrun free net at a very good speed.


Tcp port This is also a good speed,  but a little slower than udp


Hope you undrestand what port is internet service ipd us provider… In Bengali words who give us intermet serviced. 6 in our country Grameenphone,  banglalink,  robi,  airtel,  is the isp who provides us internet services.


So, like today, i will end here. In the next episode, i will try to show you how to run a free net.


It can be seen that even after buying megabytes  by spending a lot of money,  you have to spend thevsame money again and buy megabytes again. Whicg is very expensive.


But have you ever heard of vpn?  ABP anand has many golden vpns that you can use for free internet using vpns.


And in today’s  post i will discuss how you can use free intermet with vpn for life.


In this case,frist you have to download vpn for free from the link given Below.


Queen VPN

You must be an airtek sim subscribers to enjou this service,  users of any other sim will not get this facilities.


Since we all have more or less a few sims,  and buying a sim is not that expensive,  i am sure you have a little Airtel sim in this regard.


Once the app is download,  you must frist open it and then customize it according to the settings i have shown.


Then if you allow,  it your vpn will be connected in a few seconds. And whenever vpn is connected,  you can enjoy free internet with vpn.



You will be surprised to see the internet speed of this vpn,  the speed of thus vpn is much better,  you can download and uploaf at 2 to 3 mbps speed.

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