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How To Use Internet Bangladeshi Sim 2021

I enjoy it the most when i get it for free rather than spending some money.

We Don’t hesitate to put tar on us for free. Which means we need to get something for free.

Nowdays, almost everyone has a smart phone in their hands, almost everyone is roaming in thebworld of internet.

However,  you must spendvsome money to buy the internet,  but it was not a matter of once  a week.

It can be seen that even after buying megabytes by spending a lot of money,  you have to spend the same money again and buy megabytes again. Which is very expensive.

But have you ever you hard of vpn? Abp anand has many golden vpns that you can use for free internet using vpns.

And in todays post i will discuss how to make you can use free internet with vpn for life.

You must be an airtel sim subscribers  to enjoy thus service, users of any otherbsim will not get this facility.

In this case,  frist you have to download vpn for free from the link given below.

Qeeuncee vpn

Since we all have more or less a few sims, and buying a sim is not that expensive,  i am sure you have a little airtel sim in this regard.

In this case, frist you have ticks this option remove port, and here you have to give the net type with real host.

Once app is download,  you mustbfrist open it and then customize it according to the settings i have a shown.

And then in the option  called network server you have to type airteklive. Com this setting you must do seriously.

Today i have appeared  with the trick of downloading  unlimited for free with bangkalink sim.  If you haven’t seen this post before, you can cheack it out.

More offers including banglalink free net here gp free net.

Today i will show you how to downloaf unlimited without spending mb or money with your banglalink sim.  So lests get started.

Today i will you how to download unlimited without spending mb or money online with your banglalink sim. So lest get started.

Frist you need a banglalink sim 4g then you will get more speed. However,  3G is not a problem,  i have tried both ways and if you can’t keep monet or balance in your sim, i will tell you in advance.

Frist of all we need a vpn.  Today we will run free net through vpn. So let’s go frist.

Download the vpn by clicking here.

I will run onlynwhat i havr given in any other version but it will not work.  I see with the free intermetb, many people have started businesses to get likes. Anyway, what is there to hide about it? And what is there to show achievement in it? Surely this is not a valid method? However, not everyone will have the opportunity to use it or no one will.

Join this group to know more about the update post.

The original post was made by blogger virtual see here if you have any question go there without asking me. I just copy pasted.

Frist of all, i don’t want to use this free internet on my Own,  i just did this post for you. Grameenphone,  airtel, Banglalink, Robi amd Teletalk along with more bangkalion, QUB can also run free internet.

I will explain the methods to you by step.  Watch very carefully. Frist download  the software we need from here ( although it Doesn’t work).

There is one more thing you need to do this gap. Lunch any of the packages to run internet on your mobile. The least expensive and smallest pacakage will work.

If you are a windows 7 or 8 users, you need to do one more thing.  Show details including that.

Now there is one more work left. Download the files from here. Then unzip it and place itbanyhere.

See there is file named vpnbook – udp53. Ovpn in it. Right click on it amd click on start pn on this config file.  Then a window like dos promot will open.  There you have to write a small thing. You will see there you will be asked for a username and password. Copy the username  below and right click there and paste it.  Then press enter. Enter the password in the same way, but uf you copy the password, nothing will be seen, but you will have to paste in once.

You’re  almost done,  press entering the password,  then wait a while to see if something like the image below appears. Initialization squence completed coming to this text means that your works has been completed successfully.

Now you enjoy free internet.  But i am not responsible if it never works because they can stop it any momemt.

Join this group to know more about the update post.

The original post was made by blogger virtual see here if you have any questions go there without  asking me.  I just copy posted.

Thanks for all.


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